Cisco GBIC Transceivers
cisco ws g5483 gbic Cisco WS G5483 GBIC
Cisco WS G5483 GBIC is a gigabit interface converter that uses copper wire for a maximum 100meters working distance. We supply the Cisco WS G5483 equivalent transceivers.
cisco ws g5484 gbic Cisco WS G5484 GBIC
Cisco WS G5484 GBIC is the gigabit interface converter used for 1000Base SX applications. It operates via multimode fiber for a max 550 meters data transmission. We supply Cisco WS G5484 equivalent fiber optic transceivers.
Cisco GBIC WS G5486 Cisco WS G5486 GBIC
Cisco WS G5486 GBIC is a hot swappable gigabit interface converter suit for 1000Base LX/LH applications. They are fully compatible with IEEE 802.3z.The WS G5486 can be used with single mode fiber or multimode fiber.
Cisco GBIC WS G5487 Cisco WS G5487 GBIC
Cisco WS G5487 is the GBIC fiber optic transceiver suit for 1000Base ZX applications. It works with 1550nm wavelength over single mode fiber, max working distance of the WS G5487 GBIC is 70km to 100km.
cwdm gbicCisco CWDM GBIC
We supply the Cisco CWDM GBIC equivalent transceivers include CWDM GBIC 1470,CWDM GBIC 1490,CWDM GBIC 1510,CWDM GBIC 1530,CWDM GBIC 1550,CWDM GBIC 1570,CWDM GBIC 1570,CWDM GBIC 1610.

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